10 Brilliant Corporate Video Ideas To Boost Your Marketing

To boost business marketing, the use of corporate videos cannot be underestimated as it offers several benefits to a brand. Instead of using usual motionless content for presentations or ads, a video can be more effective in terms of engagement and concept explanation. Using a corporate video is one of the best marketing strategies you can use to promote your brand and attract your target audience.

The human brain processes visuals like images and motion graphics faster than texts. As such, creating and utilizing video marketing in your strategy is a good way to engage your audience. However, the content you put out with your videos shouldn’t be dull or boring. Rather it should be exciting, bold and engaging while being informative and inspiring as well. Therefore, we have compiled some corporate video ideas below for your marketing needs.


Brand History Videos

While looking for ideas for your corporate video production for a small brand, the first thing to consider is a brand video that tells the origins of your company. Sharing funny tales or mishaps that have helped your company grow to what it is presently is perfect enough to captivate the attention of your audience.

This video should also focus on the brand’s value and story as this will help you share your company’s growth with your audience. The video can be short, fun, and snappy, or you can go for high polish instead. Depending on your business and what you do, you will need to think of answering your audience’s possible questions about the brand in the video.

Mission Videos

The first thing your potential clients and audience want to know is who you are and what you have to offer them. Do an introduction video answering those questions about your brand, what it is about, what you can offer customers, and what inspired you to do what you do. This is like a video presentation of your “About Us” page on your website. In this video, you can capture your audience’s attention by identifying their problem and the solutions your brand can offer them.

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Team Introduction Videos

If you just want an easy video idea, creating videos of your team members is the perfect one for you. Simply get your team members in front of the camera and have them talk about themselves. It doesn’t have to be deep or personal as that may deter the purpose of the video. It should be fun and engaging enough for your viewers to get familiar with your staff team.

A team member can simply state their name, role in the company, and the things they enjoy doing in their spare time. Even though this seems like a little action, it will go a long way in making your brand stand out. You don’t have to get your staff members to do the video individually, you can have all your team members encompassed in one video as long as it is well shot and insightful.

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Product Launch or Promo Videos

Even though the essence of creating a product launch or promotional video is to promote your brand, products, or services, you can still use the videos to communicate your brand’s message to the audience. Doing a promotional video for your sales and discount offers going on is a proven way to drive leads and conversion. To ensure that you don’t make the video too much of a sales announcement, you should research your buyer persona and use the video to communicate directly to them.

Customer Testimonial Videos

You definitely have a lot of wonderful things to say about your company. However, many potential clients will like to see a review from an existing client before they patronize your brand. Create a customer testimonial video of a client talking about your product and what it has done for them. The video should include the products or services you offered the client, the impact it had, and the client’s recommendation to new potential clients.

Customer testimonial videos can help prove that you can truly do the things you claim to be capable of. This type of video can also help you guide the potential client’s through the solutions your brand can offer them.

Company Event Videos

You don’t always have to share promotional videos with your audience at all times when you can share the fun times with them too. You can share a quick recap of fun company events that you hold to show your applicants how you set aside time for your team members to have fun and relax. You can also record videos from educational events or conferences too. This can help you show that you value your team member’s career growth.

Fundraiser Videos

Videos are a great way to promote your fundraising campaign as it engages your audience, explains the reason for the campaign, and drive contributions. This allows you to tell your story the way you want it to be told while also raising funds for a project. To achieve a successful fundraising campaign, the most effective approach to take is one that focuses on sharing a story that represents what your company stands for.

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Product Demonstration

Product Demonstration Videos

If your brand sells products online, a product demonstration video should be one of the ideas you try. This is because potential online buyers want to see the products in action since they can physically hold the items before buying. Create a video that shows how your products work and what it can do to benefit them. Ensure that the video provides as much information as your audience needs.

Training and Recruitment Videos

Creating onboarding and recruitment videos can be exciting for new employees as they get to learn the values, culture, and personality of the brand. The essence of a recruitment video is to show your potential candidate the perks they can enjoy when they work at your company while they also try to get you to hire them. Instead of relying on handbooks and manuals after recruitment, onboarding videos are a great engaging and exciting way to guide new employees. The onboarding video can feature a team member’s profile or even a message from the CEO.

Office Tour Videos

If you have a physical location, office tour videos are a great corporate video idea for you. You can easily achieve this by taking your audience on a journey through your office or premises. Show them interesting areas on the premises and how things are done around with a tour of each department of the company. This is not an ideal video idea for remote teams but if you are artistic enough, you can come up with a creative video of team members showing off their remote workspace.

There are several creative video ideas to choose from when looking for a video to use for your video marketing strategy. You just need to choose the one that suits your needs and get started. If you ever need a corporate video production company for your business, choose FMO Media. You can contact us to learn about our video production services and we’ll be happy to guide you through.


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