3 Essential Social Media Checklists For Businesses

3 Essential Social Media Checklists For Businesses

No matter the size of a company, social media marketing is heavily invested in. In the third quarter of 2020, nearly a 50% jump was noticed in social media ad spending, despite the global pandemic. In the upcoming years, that is expected to increase. Because of the importance of social media, to make sure you have a successful marketing campaign  – and to see to it that you’re checking off all the important aspects of social media – it’s crucial to have a social media checklist. That’s exactly what will be provided here.

The following will explain why a checklist matters and introduce you to three checklists that join to form one big annual checklist. They are as follows:

  • A social media marketing daily checklist
  • A social media marketing weekly checklist
  • A social media marketing monthly checklist

Social Media Marketing Checklists – Your Best Friend

Your mind probably goes in a million directions per day as a marketer. You can’t remember everything. It’s simply not humanly possible. There’s just too much on your plate. This is why many people conduct not only their business but also their personal lives with the assistance of a checklist.

With the right kind of checklist, according to a lineup of tasks that is already established, marketers can more successfully achieve what needs to be done. A checklist will be invaluable to help you keep track of all your efforts through your social media marketing.

With a social media checklist, you can track your strategies and how well they’re doing, and stay on the same page as the rest of your team.

Social Media Marketing Checklists – Your Best Friend
Checklists – Why Have Them?

Checklists – Why Have Them?

A social media checklist should be used by every marketing team. Why? A checklist can:

  • Help assure the necessary work is getting done by the team. It is instrumental in assigning essential tasks and then following up.
  • On a priority basis, help assign tasks to make the most of every day.
  • Help you be consistent with daily and weekly (and even monthly) tasks. A more consistent workflow can be followed by marketers. With the right checklist, less productive tasks won’t be focused on, so time and energy will not be wasted on them.
  • Be of assistance in helping you to stay organized. You’ll be better assured of achieving the quarter’s business objectives and streamlining all your tasks.
  • Help assure that no monthly, daily, or weekly task is missed.

Your New Checklist

Your new social media marketing checklist will be of assistance in helping to beat human nature. What are we referring to? Let’s face it, we all forget things – whether we realize it or not. Your schedule is packed every day. You inevitably forget something. You may even forget something while putting together your checklist! That’s why you’ll go over it on a regular basis to see if it’s working or if something needs to be adjusted or added.

Below, you’ll see a checklist breakdown to make things easier. Daily, weekly, and monthly social media tasks are listed according to their project milestone association, frequency, and priority. Again, this checklist can be edited and tweaked to make it more suitable for your industry, goals, team, and yourself.

Your New Checklist
Social Media Marketing – Your Daily Checklist

Social Media Marketing – Your Daily Checklist

Throughout your day, there are multiple small tasks that will be done as a social media marketer. So you can divide your time appropriately, here is your checklist:

  • All private and direct messages should be replied to.
  • Check for and react to all mentions.
  • Look at all reactions and comments.
  • Schedule the next day’s posts.
  • All social media profiles should be looked at.
  • Anyone who follows you should be followed back.
  • With at least one person of importance, make a connection.
  • Answer forum queries.

You should also be sure to monitor keywords as part of your daily checklist. This activity is essential across all social media channels. Using a digital marketing tool, it can be done on an easier basis. Each day, keywords that should be tracked can include the following:

  • Who in your company is the most active social media person? Their name will be a keyword.
  • What is your product? Are there alternate names for it? If so, those alternate names will be keywords.
  • What is the actual name of your product? The brand name? That will be a keyword for your social media posts.
  • Keywords can be frequently-used terms relating to any running campaign.

Social Media Marketing – Your Weekly Checklist

For both a large team and an individual marketer, your weekly checklist will be of the utmost importance. This will help everyone stay on the same page and will also be helpful in assisting with task alignment for everyone. Here’s what’s included in your weekly checklist:

  • Connect with industry influencers and engage with them.
  • For all social media profiles, check weekly stats.
  • Define your goals for the week.
  • A brainstorming session should be held.
  • Attend a virtual chat, session, or event.

Also, on a weekly basis, social media ads must be checked and updated. Depending on how many running ads you have, this can be essential. Checking on it weekly, however, should be enough if you’re only running a few ads at a time. Make sure you track the following:

  • How is the engagement of the ad?
  • How well does the ad seem to be performing?
  • Is the ad bringing in business?
Social Media Marketing – Your Weekly Checklist
Social Media Marketing – Your Monthly Checklist

Social Media Marketing – Your Monthly Checklist

Finally, let’s look at a checklist for social media marketing that should be gone through on a monthly basis:

  • Monthly goals should be adjusted.
  • With your team, check in monthly.
  • For the upcoming month, do some planning.
  • For any upcoming social media campaigns, also do some planning.

For all of your profiles, a social media audit should be performed every month. With the assistance of your audit, check out the following:

  • For each post, the average engagement and clicks.
  • From each platform, the leads that were generated.
  • Has the number of followers changed?
  • For each platform, the post frequency.
  • Appearance – does the description, bio, cover image, or display picture need updating?

What’s All the Fuss about Social Media?

You’re probably already aware of social media, for so many people like to “play” on it. They post pictures about their kids, their grandchildren, their dogs, their vacation photos, how they feel on a particular day – you name it, they post it. You may have thought social media was exactly that – just the current way to be sociable. But it’s more than that where today’s businesses are concerned. If you’re not on social media, you don’t exist in the minds of many.

For businesses, a presence on social media is invaluable. There is any number of potential clients and customers out there who may not know what your business is about or that you even exist. Through social media, you can boost your visibility. In a fast, inexpensive manner, you can reach a far wider audience if you have a significant social media presence. This will help build awareness of your business and help bring in sales.

The strategies above may vary, but only slightly, depending on your industry, company, marketing team, goals, etc. For the best advice on increasing your social media presence, turn to the experts.

What's All the Fuss about Social Media?

How’s Your Social Media Presence?

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