5 Tried And True Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

So, you think you’ve done everything there is to do to increase Instagram followers? Think again! 

There are plenty of ways you can grow your Instagram account, whether it’s an account with just ten followers or an account with ten million. In this article, we’re unveiling our five best kept secrets to increase Instagram followers. More importantly, we’ll teach you how to implement these tactics into your own social media marketing strategy.

By the end of this article, you’ll be well on your way to adding more followers to your account and growing your brand on Instagram!

5 Tried And True Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

1. Instagram Reels

Reels are really important when it comes to increasing Instagram followers. Instagram reels are similar to other popular video platforms like TikTok or Youtube Shorts, meaning they are typically vertical videos, slideshows, or other types of animation that will play for under a minute. The point of reels is to essentially stop the scroll of the user so they can watch for a good few seconds.

A good Instagram reel will hold your watcher’s attention and can even lead to a growth in followers if your content is catchy enough.

As we’ve discussed in past articles, the more you utilize new trends, stickers, and features on Instagram, the more likely Instagram is to push your content to a wider audience. And because Instagram reels are still relatively new on Instagram, the platform is rewarding people for using it.

Pro Tips For Best Results:

  • Use keywords and hashtags in your Reel captions that describe your video content
  • Use trending sounds and audio (trending music playing low in the background of your video counts!)
  • Keep your reels short and snappy to encourage repeat views
  • Create original content
  • Add on- screen captions for viewers to watch without the sound “on”
  • Record directly from the Instagram App (As opposed to uploading recycled content from your twitter account)

2. Optimize Post Captions for Search to Increase Instagram Followers

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can help users find content relevant to what they are searching. And yes – the copy on Instagram is searchable. Captions are searchable, hashtags are searchable, and even your Instagram bio is searchable!

So if you’re really looking to increase Instagram followers, caption carefully. Be strategic in your keywords and really hone in on your niche. This allows you to easily attract users who are not only going to click through your content but are more likely to become invested and engaged followers of your page.

According to Instagram’s spokesperson via The Verge, the IG team considers a number of factors when pushing content. These factors include the “type of content, captions, when it was posted,” and more.

And the more engagement you have, the more your content will be pushed to the masses.

Instagram also uses machine learning to “find the highest quality content that’s relevant to you.” In other words, Instagram is using keywords and relevant topics to push content to users based on what they are searching for.

3. Make a Strong First Impression with your Profiles

We all know the importance of a good first impression, and your potential followers are most likely to make a decision on whether or not they like your business within the first few seconds of seeing your profile. This means that a bad first impression could easily turn people away from following you.

But what is a bad first impression when it comes to your Instagram, and how can this harm the way you increase instagram followers?

A bad first impression could include the following:

  • A poorly organized bio
  • A profile that isn’t aesthetically interesting or pleasing
  • Highlights without branded covers
  • A low-quality profile picture
  • Content that is not relevant or recent (posted within the last few days)
  • And content that is not engaging

Having a well planned Instagram feed that clearly showcases your niche is key for converting those visitors into followers.

When someone lands on your profile make sure you have a clear bio, visible logo or profile image, and a link in your bio that directs followers to your website so they know exactly what your account and brand is all about.

4. Have A Hashtag Strategy

Users love their hashtags, and Instagram users especially utilize hashtags to search relevant topics or niches they are interested in.

Along with taking advantage of SEO to attract and increase instagram followers, it’s important to utilize relevant hashtags.

But making your content searchable with basic hashtags alone is not enough. It’s important to use relevant hashtags and to use a variety of trending hashtags. We recommend a good mix of generic hashtags that are relevant to your industry, as well as more unique hashtags relevant to your personal brand, as well as a few hashtags that hone in on your location or personal interests.

How many hashtags should you use to increase instagram followers?

There is some speculation as to how many hashtags users should use in order to keep their content relevant.
According to the above graph created by Later.com, the more instagram hashtags you use the more engagement and follower rate increases. Currently, Instagram allows users to use up to 30 hashtags in a single post.


And this is a big but – Instagram is currently shifting it’s recommended use on hashtags, and while the 30 hashtag rule still applies currently, we are finding that the platform has begun to encourage users to utilize just four to five hashtags for better engagement in the future.

5. Host an Instagram Giveaway to Increase Instagram Followers

Everyone loves gifts, and your Instagram followers are no exception. If you’re looking to increase your Instagram followers, a giveaway is an easy and fun way to go about it.

And if you’re in the market to grow your Instagram account fast, this is an especially great tactic.

With the right strategy you can reach thousands of potential new Instagram followers, all while building a stronger sense of community around your brand.

Pro tip:

Be sure to set clear entry requirements that support your growth goals (e.g. tagging a friend in the comments), and following your account.
Instagram giveaways are even more beneficial when hosted with a partner, creator, or brand that shares your target audience.


If it was easy to increase instagram followers, everyone would have a massive following and you likely wouldn’t be searching for ways to go about growing your audience.

Of course, that’s not to say it’s impossible to increase instagram followers. Still, it’s important we note here a few of our FMO Expert do’s and don’ts for growing your Instagram account:


  • Post quality content
  • Focus on engagement as well as follower growth
  • Be consistent
  • Be a trusted resource for your followers
  • Engage with similar accounts
  • Engage with your followers
  • Be authentic
  • Post with purpose
  • Set your profile to public


  • Overpost or spam your audience
  • Abuse trending hashtags just because they are trending
  • Post low quality photos
  • Post just to post
  • Set your profile to private
  • Post without captions
  • Buy followers (this hurts your engagement and has a poor ROI in the long run)

The bottom line?

By using a combination of the above methods together to increase instagram followers, you should be able to see growth across the board on your Instagram account!

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