8 Powerful Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Your Business

8 Powerful Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Your Business

There has been at least a 5% increase in adult Internet usage in the last several years. This information comes courtesy of Pew Research Center. What does that mean for your business? The digital world offers opportunities you should be tapping into, now more than ever. In the shopping decisions that people make every day, a very big role is played by online marketing – a.k.a. digital marketing for businesses.

Marketing has an overall objective, regardless of the type of digital marketing employed by your business: At the right time and the right place, you must find a way to connect with your target audience. There are few better places than the Internet through which to connect with your audience.

Digital Marketing can Reach Target Audience Members at Every Stage of the Buying Cycle


How familiar consumers are with your service or product is referred to as brand awareness. To make the public more familiar with a revised or new product, a brand awareness campaign is used. It helps to differentiate you from your competitors. In brand awareness marketing, one important tool is the proper use of social media.


When you’re considering the purchase of a product or booking a service, what do you do? Printing a big list of possibilities, closing your eyes, and bringing your finger down on just any old company simply won’t do. If you want to get the most for your money, as a consumer, you do some research. Your customer does the same thing. By putting yourself out there – your business, that is – you stand a better chance of coming to the attention of someone who is researching. The higher your ranking, the more you increase your chances of getting attention.

Digital Marketing and Buying Cycle


Buyers go on a journey that consists of becoming aware of a product/service, considering it, and then deciding to (hopefully) purchase. Consideration – the second step of the journey – is when your service or product becomes of interest to a person. They are literally considering whether or not to book you or purchase your product.


What is meant by conversion? When someone is looking at your website, product, service, etc., they are receiving your marketing message. As a result of this, the point at which they perform the action you desire (book your service, purchase your product, etc.), is referred to as conversion. You’ve converted them from an onlooker to a customer. You put forth a call to action, and they responded.


When you provide an exceptional customer experience, you have a better chance of creating satisfied customers. The result is improved customer retention and organic brand awareness. Digital marketing and retention marketing go hand in hand. Customers who have already done business with your company are your focus.

Different Digital Marketing Strategies to Choose From

Evergreen Content Creation

Search optimized content referred to as Evergreen Content stays fresh and relevant over an extended amount of time. Here are some tips for Evergreen Content creation:

  • Regularly update your content
  • Write in-depth tutorials and guides
  • Create case studies
  • Avoid specific dates and events
  • Use keywords that are appropriate
  • Choose the right topics
  • Repurpose your content
Digital Marketing Strategy Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When – for search engine optimization – you create a plan for optimizing your website, this is an SEO strategy. You can potentially improve organic conversions, organic traffic, and search result rankings with a good SEO strategy. Here are some tips for a good SEO content strategy:

  • Come up with a number of topics
  • Based on those topics, make a list of long tail keywords
  • For each topic, build pages
  • Create a blog
  • Create a schedule for consistent blogging
  • Create a plan for link building
  • Before uploading media files to your sites, compress them
  • Stay up to date on SEO best practices and news

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When you increase traffic through ads/payment positioning, you are using search engine marketing. Along with SEM, frequently, SEO is used simultaneously. Search engine marketing considers the information you have to offer and aims to reach users when they need it most. This is comparable to, or includes, PPC (pay per click) advertising.

Social Media Marketing

SMM (social media marketing) is an Internet marketing tool that uses social media apps. Your brand will better connect with your audience courtesy of social media platforms. With SMM you can build a brand, drive sales, increase website traffic, and more. The most commonly known and/or used social media platforms include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but there are more.

Digital Marketing Strategy Social Media Marketing

Here are some general steps to take if you want to create a successful SMM:

  • Your goals must first be identified. To measure your progress, it’s essential to set concrete benchmarks. Goals could include things like wanting to drive traffic to your website, sell your products or services, and/or increase brand awareness.
  • According to your audience, choose the best platform or platforms. Top platforms today include Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Consider your user’s educational level, income, age group, and gender.
  • A schedule must be created for monthly/weekly/etc. content posting/publishing. There will be a better time of day, and sometimes a better day in general, to publish certain posts. 
  • Your audience must be engaged with and listened to. When you ignore your users, you’re essentially committing social media suicide. Build relationships.
  • The right metrics should be tracked such as the following: Number of posts, engagements, reach and impressions, and clicks.
  • As you go along, make some adaptations, learn, and never stop growing. You need to adapt in order for your brand to grow. New trends are constantly being shaped and the social media landscape continuously evolves.


When you show ads to people who have used your mobile app or who have visited your website, you’re using a tactic referred to as “remarketing”. Used to increase your sales conversions, this strategy is particularly cost-effective. Why? The customers you’re reaching out to have previously expressed interest in your services or products.

For a successful remarketing campaign, here are some tips:

  • Make the absolute most of everything you have (newsletter subscribers, existing customer emails, etc.)
  • Remember that it’s okay to test and fail (learn from both what didn’t work and what worked – never stop improving) 
  • Shake things up a bit when it comes to remarketing channels (across various channels, spread your campaign rather than just sticking to video, or Facebook, or banner ads, or display ads)
  • Segment and focus (to narrow target customers down, use customer segmentation by geographics, demographics, product interest, and other factors)
Digital Marketing Strategy Video Based Marketing

Video-Based Marketing

When you use video to promote your services, products, or brand, you’re using video marketing or video-based marketing. Primarily in digital channels, you will see this strategy used for online-focused marketing. As part of a digital marketing strategy, most businesses today use video. Video-based marketing increases your social and digital channels’ engagement, allows you to use a new medium with which to reach your audience, and educates your audience – all at the same time.

Video advertising offers the following benefits:

  • Assists in launching new products (increase company volume through the use of an “explainer video”)
  • Video ads are virtually limitless (there is no precise format limitation)
  • Flexibility (you can give a consumer the option of skipping your video or watching the entire video)
  • No boundaries (multiple platforms can be used for sharing)
  • Cost friendly (compared to traditional mediums, YouTube, Google, and other online platforms are much more affordable)
  • Analytics (you can see how many times your video has been shared or liked)
  • SEO advantage (algorithms are altered to rank video content – rather than other forms of content, Bing, Google, and other search engines love to show video content)
  • Media information sharing (how-to guides and product tutorials are examples of incorporating audiovisuals into a marketer’s advertisements)
  • Device friendly (laptops, tablets, and smartphones are all used for watching videos and advertisements)
  • Video shareability (over various social media platforms, most videos are regularly shared with acquaintances, friends, family members, etc.)
  • Conversion and generation of sales (offer your users value with an eye-catching message – a strong call to action should be incorporated at the end)
  • Popularity (to increase the sales of a company, videos are the most effective method)

Influencer Marketing

When you use a method of social media marketing that employs product mentions and endorsements from “influencers,” you’re using influencer marketing at a fundamental level. What is an influencer? This is a person who, within their niche, is viewed as an expert. It can also be someone who has a dedicated social following. There are a handful of social media influencer types which are as follows:

Digital Marketing Strategy Influencer Marketing
  • Brand fans
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Micro influencers (this person has followers that number between 1K and 100K)
  • Macro influencers (this person has followers that number between 100K and a million)
  • Celebrities

That said, the most popular types of influencers are reportedly vloggers and bloggers. Thanks to their massive follower numbers on YouTube or on their blogs, these are the micro and macro influencers mentioned above.

Digital Marketing is the Most Measurable and Trackable Form of Advertising

Gain Real-Time Insights to Adjust Campaigns for Greater Success

You can see which tactics are working and which are not by measuring your digital marketing campaigns in real time. Following that, you can make the adjustments you need for improved success. You can also improve future campaigns with the insights you’ve gained in the process.

Ability to Make the Most Out of Your Online Marketing Budget

You will have an easier time staying on budget, thanks, in part, to the money you’ll save through digital marketing. Potentially, it can take the place of costly advertising channels like the Yellow Pages, radio, magazines, and television. You can boost your leads with email marketing automation. That means you can preload content. You will then take that content and send it out at the most beneficial times.

Digital Marketing is More Cost Effective

Digital Marketing is More Cost-Effective than Traditional Marketing Methods

When marketing your business, one of the most cost-effective ways of doing so is through digital marketing. In an examination of traditional marketing versus digital marketing, it’s harder for small businesses to keep up with larger businesses who use traditional marketing. Why is that? Because ad space costs money and a limited budget may not allow for it. Small businesses can get more for their marketing dollars with affordable digital marketing tactics. The only cost to digital marketing is time, while traditional marketing tactics are accompanied by numerous hidden costs.

Solidify Brand Reputation and Earn Customers’ Trust

The Power of Aligning Brand Objectives with Consumer Interest

A brand that accomplishes alignment with the expectations of their customer can delight and retain existing customers, reach new audiences, and expand market share. In the process, customer trust is built which leads to brand loyalty.

The Unrivaled Adaptability of Digital Marketing

No Longer Tied to Ad Mediums That are Performing Poorly

Traditional ad mediums no longer produce the results that many companies are looking for. With digital marketing, your campaign can be more targeted and cost-effective. Granted, a possibly larger audience may be reached by some methods of traditional marketing. When deciding on your marketing strategy, you must look at your target market and your budget.

Extend Your Ads’ Duration or Budget as You Wish (with Digital Marketing)

Because digital marketing is so affordable, the money you have in your advertising budget can go much further. An ad’s duration can refer to either how long an ad is present online or the running time of an ad (as in a video). Typically, a 30-second spot may be used for an ad, the first five seconds being the most important. How long should a digital campaign be viewable on the Internet? Six months is about the most common length of time, though situations vary, and you can always extend that time.

Digital Marketing has a Global Reach

Digital Marketing has a Global Reach

There can be little doubt that a global reach is achieved through digital marketing. All over the world, people are surfing the net, each and every day. For only a small investment, you can trade globally and discover new markets through website ownership and digital marketing. To be successful globally, you and your business must carefully consider the market and audience you want to reach.

Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Improve their Survivability in the Long Run

Digital marketing plays an essential role in the effectiveness of your business and its long-term survival. Without digital marketing, your business won’t survive, even if you have a great website. Not only will you attract more traffic by using digital marketing strategies, by targeting the right kinds of people, you’ll deliver stronger results. These are the people who are going to book your service or buy your product. The result: The chances of your business surviving online are significantly  better.

Now that you’re more familiar with digital marketing, types of marketing strategies, and more, it’s time to put what you learned to good use. If that task seems daunting, or you’re still a bit unsure of where to start, turn to FMO Media. We assist countless individuals and businesses every day with branding, content, marketing, tech and development, web design and SEO, and also offer consulting.

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