9 Powerful Reasons You Need Video Marketing Services in 2020

It is undeniable that video marketing is booming; so much so that more than 60% of businesses have used video marketing services and most of them believe that it is the number one strategy to give them a good ROI. This is because video is rapidly evolving in the form of Instagram Reels, TikToks and YouTube Shorts, to name a few. They’ve reached new heights in recent years and will likely continue to be relevant.

We get it, video marketing is new to you and you may have doubts. Are videos promoting your business better than written content? Do you really need video marketing services to create content?


There’s a reason that businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. Despite it being a good promotional tool, you’ll need to make good videos to set yourself up for success. Here are 9 reasons why the right video marketing services can help you.

1. Video Marketing Services Help Boost Conversions

We’ve established that videos are profitable; in fact, conversions can increase by 80% if a product video is featured on your landing page. These can also lead to sales. When a product is explained in a video, three fourth of the users who watched it also purchased it. It’s best to get a video marketing service to help you craft such videos.

Our eyes perceive information from our surroundings better than any other sense. This means that visual content in the form of pictures and especially, videos can have a huge uptake!

2. Video Marketing Services Have A Great ROI

As mentioned previously, business owners claim that video promotional strategies have a good ROI. This is because video production and editing has become cheaper and more efficient than ever. Video editing tools are becoming more sophisticated too. And FMO Media makes adding video to your marketing strategy super affordable!

The conversions and sales that your video ultimately gets you is more than worth it meaning that your ROI is very high. The best part is that perfection doesn’t matter as much as consistency. The video you spent 2 days making may have few views while an impulsive idea might make your video go viral! 

Luckily, at FMO media, our team of videographers are talented in both quality and direction- so even if you’re not sure what to say on a marketing video – we can help!

3. Videos Build Trust With Your Audience

Without trust, businesses can’t function so building it should be top priority. Why are video marketing services so useful? It’s because they help you nurture long-term relationships with your target audience. This is why a hard sell all the time never works. Your audience has to get to know you and for that authenticity and value are key. The former establishes your trustworthiness as a brand and the latter means that your audience can’t live without you because you’re providing a valuable service that no one else can.

Video helps with it all – by engaging watchers and stirring their emotions, and when emotions are involved, you can get personal. The most effecting videos help present your products in an organic way. Remember that people may fear images as being fraud but videos rarely lie. Ultimately, videos give one the confidence and trust to purchase from you.

4. Video Marketing Services Can Help You Get Ranked On Google

The fact is that google loves videos as they increase the time spent by visitors on a site. Time spent on a site is a yardstick for measuring how good the content of the site is. In fact, according to Moovly, you’re 53 times more likely show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website. Being ranked first on google can do wonders for your brand. 

The right video marketing services are able to optimize YouTube videos for SEO through relevant titles, eye-catching thumbnails and well thought out video descriptions.

5. Videos Are Mostly Viewed On Mobile


More than 90% of your target audience watches videos on their phones. This is because 4G and now, 5G have made internet speeds faster and the ownership of smartphones is exponentially increasing. People like to watch videos on the go so video marketing services that make video content smartphone-friendly are in high demand. 

6. Video Marketing Services Can Create Animated Videos

Why are animated videos so important? Well, because they explain everything and explainer videos are very important. When you want to explain your products, you want to be as clear as possible and animated videos help with that. They appeal to the child in you. Actually, there’s a reason why most children’s shows are animated; they help distil complex ideas. So, it’s important to have professional video marketing services to create such niche content.

7. Videos Are Less Work To Consume

Who has time to read long product descriptions and navigate a website to look for services? Consumers want to put in minimal effort and receive maximum information. Video marketing services are great at advising you on how to make your product look good in action

8. Video Marketing Services Create Videos That Get Shared

Social networks like YouTube and TikTok were built for videos but nowadays even Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have introduced videos and encourage users to share them.  Entertaining videos get shared easily so its time to utilise expert video marketing services to increase traffic to your site.

9. Video Ads Work Wonders

Did you know that the average click-through-rate of video ads is 1.84%? Its higher than all other digital ad formats! This is your cue to work smart and hire professional video marketing services that can help you create compelling and creative videos, all while remaining competitively priced!


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