Anchorage, Alaska…where do I start?

When I found out I had a video shoot in Alaska, to be honest, I thought it was a typo.

If I’m being TOTALLY honest, I saw the abbreviation AK on my calendar and thought it was Arkansas. But I digress.

Anchorage, and Eagle River where my shoot resided, are both incredibly gorgeous.

Mountains and waterside galore!

The film shoot went really well with Les Bailey & Associates, an extremely fun and friendly family-owned team of Realtors.

Some stories were told on film that may be better for a more mature audience, but we were laughing to near tears. Or maybe I just have that effect on people when they know I have to leave after the shoot.

You’ll just have to follow them on social media to make your own opinions!

After departing, I explored Anchorage and the surrounding areas for two days.

With 24 hours of daylight in the summer, the world was my oyster. Well, Alaska was at least. I had an incredible pizza and beer on my first evening at Moose’s Tooth. Highly recommended!

Following, I drove about an hour to Hatcher Pass, a mind-blowing mountain range and summit standing at 3,886 feet above sea level!

The views were astonishing, ranging from frozen lakes to rivers to lush greenery.

I considered pitching a tent and staying forever, but I’m pretty sure FMO would have some choice words.

360 view of Hatcher Pass:

On the second day, I decided to rent a bike from Alaska Pablo’s. Incredibly nice and helpful staff.

I rode through the city of Anchorage a bit, before getting more adventurous and riding along the coastal trail.

It spread across the outskirts of the city, with breathtaking views of the Knik Arm waterway, part of the Gulf of Alaska.

A gorgeous ride, but after a few hours, this man was HUNGRY.

I finished my day with a mouthwatering Halibut sandwich at Bear Paw Bar & Grill, a really cool establishment right in downtown Anchorage. I was told Halibut was a must, and I now agree.

I should have some shipped to me in South Carolina

Hatcher Pass River & Mountains:

Needless to say, Anchorage and Alaska have stolen my heart…and my stomach. They will definitely be seeing me again! This means I’m going to need more FMO clients out there…LET’S GO PEOPLE!!


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