10 Days

$289 Total Ad Spend

659 Unique Clicks

E-Commerce Industry Digital Marketing Case Study:J&H Jewelry


For a brick and mortar business, it can be difficult to compete in the paid media space. Our client had the unique advantage of maintaining an ecommerce platform as well, and presented in need of a targeted PPC campaign to drive online traffic and sales. Our digital marketing agency was up for the challenge, with a focus on reaching the boutique's unique ideal customer profile.

In just 10 days, the boutique saw a significant increase in online traffic and sales, with the campaign yielding a 234% increase in clicks on just the first day. All told, our client was able to yield a healthy ROI in just over a week, with each click costing them roughly $0.44.

The key to this campaign’s success was our highly targeted approach. By using industry expertise to identify the ideal customer profile and creating a campaign tailored specifically to their interests and needs, we were able to generate a high volume of targeted traffic sales to our client’s e-commerce platform.

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