Hope Floats, a wellness spa in Bethesda, MD, wanted to promote a couple’s package for Valentine’s Day and convert the sale on their website. Their niche services include floatation tanks, infrared saunas, and cold water submersion for physical and mental recovery. However, communicating these unique services and the benefits of the promotion to the audience is a challenge.


Website Traffic




29,519 People Reached 1,189 Clicks


$0.29 Per Click


We researched how the most successful businesses in their industry communicated these new and unusual services to first-time customers so that we could use familiar language. We also identified a specific audience that will most benefit from these services. Then, we created an informative text-rich graphic ad and tested it against a more engaging conversational video ad to segment the audience into two different communication styles.


In two weeks, this ad campaign reached an audience of 29,519 people converting 1,189 clicks at an average of $0.29 each. The text-rich graphic ad had a 54/46 gender split between males and females, respectively, and performed well with a CPC of $0.46. However, 91% of respondents to the engaging video ads were male, with a much lower CPC of $0.22. This A/B test confirmed that males are underserved in this niche industry, and advertisers are not bidding for their business. It also confirms that a more engaging video with less text has a higher CTR, especially among males. Running an A/B test for creative reduced our CPC cost by 37% from $0.46 to $0.29.

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