$10/Day Budget

49 Leads In 48 Days

$10.63 Per Confirmed Lead

Mortgage Industry Digital Marketing Case Study: The Mortgage Chef


The mortgage industry spends over a billion dollars annually on advertising. This figure includes both big-name brokers and smaller providers like our client. A boutique brokerage in Ohio, our client sought both brand awareness and lead generation. The client had a limited budget of $10 per day for advertising, so maximizing the return on investment was integral.

After conducting extensive research and analysis of the mortgage market and the target audience, our team created a highly targeted PPC campaign that zeroed in on specific keywords, demographics, and search terms related to mortgage services. In just 48 days, the campaign generated a healthy 49 high-quality leads from a $521.06 total ad spend.

PPC for mortage lending & loan officers

Video Production formortage lending & loan officers

Content Creation for mortage lending & loan officers

Web design & development for mortage lending & loan officers


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