$20/Day Budget

Meta Estimated Ad Recall: 8,900

Cost Per Lead: Decreased From $0.35 To $0.05

Real Estate Industry Digital Marketing Case Study:William Raveis


While real estate maintains a less competitive segment of the digital advertising market, it requires agents to be more creative and aggressive in their approach in order to compete. In smaller markets, this can often prove even more difficult, as agents compete for the attention of a limited pool of potential leads.

The success of this campaign is a testament to our team's expertise and commitment to delivering results for our clients. By focusing on the right audience, utilizing effective bidding strategies, and continually optimizing the campaign, we were able to achieve a significant reduction in cost per result and drive a successful recruitment effort for the real estate agency.

Our client, a maine-based agency, dedicated a $20/day budget to a recruitment campaign aimed at new agents. Our challenge was to identify and target a highly specific audience in a narrow geographic area while maintaining our client’s dedicated budget. Remarkably, this campaign yielded not only a significant volume of high-quality leads, but an impressive cost analysis: over 6 months, our client saw an 85% reduction in cost per lead.

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