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Client Dashboard

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Through Your Online Presence

Join Melissa and Rebecca as they guide you through your digital marketing program with FMO Media’s special For Members Only weekly strategy session every Wednesday at 3PM EST.

Each Strategy session rotates weekly covering our main program topics; reviewing the essentials and updating you on best practices to get the best experience from our digital marketing services.

Meet Your Strategists

Team 1

Ace Alfalla

Ace Alfalla is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Community Expert, and Marketing Strategist. A former U.S. Army veteran who is an experienced Sales and Marketing Coach and Leader with over 20 years of experience, Ace has strategically helped build companies and improve their sales structures, strategies, and results. He has helped numerous businesses break the eight- figure revenue marker before stepping out on his own to provide the market with what it was missing.

His expertise lies in growing businesses to the next level using a step-by-step marketing-based strategy that increases the bottom line more than anything.

Ace is a business force to be reckoned with. He has over 15 years of experience counseling leaders of multi-million dollar corporations and launching new ventures into revenue-generating machines.

He currently lives with his wife and Co-Founder of FMO Media, Jamie, their daughter, and other 6 fur-kids on the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Team 2

Melissa Midy

As one of the Founders of FMO Media, Melissa found a way to take her love for social media, talent for technology, and background in sales and marketing to help mold the company into what it is today. A daughter to immigrant parents, her family instilled strong values, such as hard work, integrity, and gratitude that have translated into her business.

At a young age, Melissa sought out mentors and business coaches to guide her through creating several different online businesses. Ace and Jamie being two of those mentors, found an opportunity for her to thrive, and altogether they created and grew FMO Media.

A former soccer player, Melissa (aka Mel) loves staying active and anything competitive - from fitness classes to board games. Her guilty pleasure includes [all of the] episodes of "The Office" and finding the best restaurants and cocktail bars wherever she goes! A lifelong learner, she enjoys developing business strategies, finding new technology to support them, and building up leaders in the Digital Marketing Space.

Mel and her husband Christian currently reside in South Florida and enjoy taking their Frenchie, Asher, on road trips to new places!

Team 1

Rebecca Vickers

Rebecca was hired as a Digital Marketer in 2020 and quickly promoted to several roles within her first year at FMO Media. Prior to joining the FMO Media team, Rebecca was the Marketing and Technology Director for a real estate brokerage with locations in the Greater Philadelphia Area where she was responsible for training and recruiting over 100 real estate agents.

Rebecca’s experience includes a decade-plus of work with nonprofits in the Arts and Culture sector in Philadelphia in both Marketing and Business Management. Rebecca graduated from Loyola University Maryland with a B.A. in Classical Civilization and Art History and earned her M.A. in Theatre and Nonprofit Management from Villanova University during which she held the highly coveted Marketing Fellowship position.

In addition to her artistic and marketing pursuits, Rebecca also has a professional background in personal training and gym management. Rebecca is an avid traveler and lover of both history and great literature. A life-long learner, Rebecca likes to keep her skills sharp, her body in shape, and her brain strong; whether it's in the gym, reading a book, or brainstorming strategies. She and her husband live with their two Shiba Inus, Kitsune and Kuma, in Atlanta, GA.

How it works


  • Register by clicking the links on this page to sign up for our monthly rotation of strategy calls hosted by Melissa & Rebecca.
  • These calls cover podcast, email, paid media, social media & content strategy.


  • After each strategy call, you'll be emailed a recording of the call and a workbook that your account manager will guide you through on your next check-in call with them.
  • These workbooks will cover everything from podcast strategy (including how to pick a podcast name) to Instagram reels and how to find your niche.
  • It’s recommended that you join each of these calls weekly for the first three months of your program with FMO Media to gain the most benefit in your digital marketing program.


  • You're welcome to join these strategy calls no matter if they are within your services and as many times as you wish.
  • If your program package includes one or more of these strategies, your account manager will guide you through the execution of your strategy on your next check-in call.

Podcast Strategy Call

Podcast Strategy Call

Podcast Strategy Call

Second Week of Every Month

Podcasts are extremely useful to push out long-form audio and video content and take advantage of the ever-growing industry through such platforms as Buzzsprout, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Youtube. This type of content helps bring more value to your market and build a bigger audience outside of the typical channels most are using right now.

Rebecca and Melissa will guide you through FMO Media's step-by-step process for producing Podcasts, with plenty of options and recommendations so you can host your very own podcast.

Following our call, you’ll receive an email including a recording of our session, and a PDF workbook to complete with your Account Manager. Podcasts not included in your services? Let us know if you’d like to add them to your program package!

Sign Up for Next Podcast Call
Eager to get your podcast services started but need some help and a host? Join one of our Leadership team members who are happy to help host your podcast. Availability is limited per month for 30-minute sessions with Ace, Melissa, or Rebecca. When you sign up, you'll automatically receive our Podcast Format and Questions guide so you know what to expect when recording.

Email Strategy Call

Email Call

Email Strategy Call

Third Week of the Month

Register for our monthly webinar on Email Marketing strategy to learn how to align your marketing strategy with your business goals. Melissa and Rebecca will cover everything from growing your subscriber list to email copy, content, and the elements that create a successful email campaigns.

Following our call, you’ll receive an email including a recording of our session, and a PDF workbook to complete with your Account Manager. Email marketing not included in your services? Let us know if you’d like to add them to your program package!

Sign Up for Next Email Strategy Call

Film Day Prep

Film Prep

Film Day Prep!

4th Thursday of Every Month at Noon

Getting ready for your close up!
Your first film date is very important to us. It’s our opportunity to capture the king of all your content; video. Whether you’re a pro in front of the camera and or not quite ready for your close up, it’s essential that we help prepare you for the day. Melissa and Rebecca alleviate any concerns as they guide you through the Pre to Post Production process as you take this first and important step in your 12 month journey.

Sign Up for Your Film Day Prep Call Film Day Prep PDF

Social Media & Content Strategy

Social Media

Social Media & Content Strategy

Fourth Week of the Month

On this strategy call, Rebecca and Melissa will share the latest updates and trends for social media and content marketing strategies. Each call will cover some essential and fundamental best practices while highlighting growth tactics for your business platforms.

Following our call, you’ll receive an email including a recording of our session, and a PDF workbook to complete with your Account Manager.

Sign Up for Content Strategy Call

Bonus Strategy Calls

Bonus Call

Bonus Strategy Calls!

Various Times Throughout the Year

In the rare months that extend 5 weeks, we’ll share a bonus strategy call with surprise topics, including special guest appearances, and fun challenges to help you level up your digital marketing strategy. Participants might even have the opportunity to win a prize!

Will we have a special guest appearance? Surprise topic? Join us to find out! Get In on Bonus Calls

Ads Request

Web Update Request



Finding your niche

Finding your niche

Video Equipment Guide

Video Equipment Guide


  • How do we get started, and what is the launch process?

    We get started the moment you sign up for a program with us! You’ll receive an email from us with a video welcome, and your getting started guide. We share in advance what you can expect during your launch workshop and strategy review calls with us, and you can always refer back to your Client Timeline and Journey to know where you are in the program with our team. If you want to get a head start, you can always watch through our full New Client Launch Series.

  • How many Zoom calls will we regularly have with our Account Manager?

    After your launch call series, we will start with bi-weekly zoom meetings to make sure your social media and content strategy is off to a great start. Then we shift to monthly meetings for check-ins on priorities, content, review, and an update on tactics at the start of your third month with us.

  • What is my strategy, and when will it start?

    We start working on your strategy when you first signup for our program! Your strategy is tailored to you and your brand; however, there are best practices to keep in mind, too. If you’re looking for a hands-on experience with our team, we highly encourage you to join us weekly for our strategy calls, during which we outline separate strategies such as Paid Media, Podcast, Email, and Social Media so you can stay in the know.

    If you need to take a hands-off approach and trust us with our expertise, we understand! You will still always have access to your Marketing Plan, timeline, and content calendars in your client folder, where we house your materials for review.

  • How can we best collaborate together?

    Communication is key! We always say there is no such thing as miscommunication, only a lack of communication. We’ll use Whatsapp to communicate regular weekly updates, requests, and feedback.

    The reason we use WhatsApp is so that our clients have instant access to their chat 24/7. It’s actually a huge differentiator that has expanded our business and improved communication.

    And you’ll have access to your Account Manager, who is the liaison for the full digital marketing team that supports your marketing plan and strategy. Your Account Manager meets with you regularly and our team internally to keep your services moving forward and communicate your needs.

    If you need to email our team, you can reach us at If email is best, we’d be happy to accommodate you in those aspects, but we cannot guarantee that same level of access to the team as we, too, receive hundreds of emails daily. The goal is to give our clients a more personalized approach via Whatsapp chat.

    There are a few ways we can share materials/files/etc, in addition to Whatsapp, including; Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • What are your working hours?

    Our team is available at their desks Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. You can reach out in the Whatsapp Chat or via our team email at at any time, and available team members will respond by the next business day.

  • How can I send the team content?

    You can send us content in the Whatsapp Chat, via our team email:, or via a shared GDrive or Dropbox folder. Please note that videos shared on Whatsapp do have a tendency to compress so download quality might suffer. We highly encourage you to upload your videos to your shared client folder.

  • When is our film shoot?

    Our team will typically reach out to book a time for your film date within the first month of your services with us, depending on the video package you signed up for with us.

  • What’s the best location for our film date?

    Wherever you feel the most comfortable in your office setting! While outdoors might be an option for some types of content, we do encourage a quiet setting for sound and one with ample light for our videographers to work with so you can look and sound your best.

  • How soon will you start branding and posting?

    Once your strategy is approved, we’ll start branding your platforms - within 1-2 business days (pending any technical issues) and post your first piece of content! Then we schedule your first two weeks of content according to the posting schedule shared in your marketing plan.

  • How many times a week do you post?

    We post 3-5x weekly to build a consistent schedule on your platforms and schedule out your content between 2-4 weeks in advance. This allows us to think BIG pictures and also easily create impromptu posts and stories.

    Please note that scheduling best practices are subject to change based on the social media platforms and their own changes to the technology. We will always update you when we need to tweak the strategy with regard to posting.

  • What is your posting timeframe for impromptu requests?

    Impromptu requests are requests that are time-sensitive and will expire. We try to post ASAP, but a general turnaround time is 1 - 2 business days in order for our internal team to create the content and post it to all your platforms. We aim to complete them sooner, but we don't want to rush- that's how mistakes happen!

    For our Real Estate clients, we aim to have new listings posted within 1 business day to accommodate a quick turnaround time.

  • How can I best send you feedback on content?

    You can use your Whatsapp chat or Zoom check-in calls, or we can set up phone calls.

  • Will you be posting to my personal pages?

    Our scheduling platform won't allow us to connect to personal accounts. There are also security reasons associated with us attempting daily logins to your personal accounts with consequences that would lock you out of your account and pages.

    We only post to business pages so we can use the appropriate features, track metrics, and have the opportunity to run paid advertising, should you wish to incorporate paid media into your strategy.

  • Will I be able to preview content before it posts?

    After we establish branding and aesthetics, we do not typically send the preview, but we can share a content calendar with you on our check-in calls so you know what we are posting in advance.

  • Can I see the captions before you post?

    Rather than post/caption approval, we create and schedule content based on the strategy approval from our Strategy Review call and check-ins on your content needs, in addition to what is trending. We do like to show and have you review new types of graphics and aesthetic refreshes in addition to any larger design projects.

  • What is included in the Instant Social access and “Quarterly Training”

    Instant Social is for clients and their employees/teams to request social media graphics to help promote their business!

    We take the info they send us and create graphics for them to post to their social media pages personally!

    Examples of requests from clients
    • Social Media Banners
    • Holiday Posts
    • New Listings
    • Mortgage Loan Info
    • Open Houses
    • Closings / Under Contract/ Just Sold
    • Awards
    • Agent ‘Fun Facts’
    • Testimonials

    We also offer training on social media and content creation via Zoom to the clients as support to help level up their social media experience! Depending on the amount of training you have access to in your program, you and your team can sign up for any of our monthly Zoom calls on Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy. These calls are accessible via your Instant Social Platform and our For Members Only web page.

  • I’m a real estate agent, should we post every listing at every stage across all our platforms?

    Of course, new listings and open houses are a top priority, but certain platforms favor specific content that is more geared toward education and entertainment. Since the purpose of certain socials is to relate with the audience that is using them, we want to create a presence that will drive people to your website & MLS. Some good alternatives can be to post a monthly or weekly summary of all the houses sold, post in stories, and utilize Facebook Events for Open Houses.

  • How do you handle typos and grammatical errors?

    • Typos
    • Grammatical Errors
    • Wrong/Post/Content
    • Misinformation

    We know they can be frustrating to find in your content. That’s why we do have a process to avoid them & we can fix those right away. We proofread and check with Grammarly and spell check and the great thing is that it's digital - not print- so we can correct mistakes! For engagement purposes - deleting a post actually has more of a negative impact on your account vs. grammatical errors. If it’s minor, we will usually recommend not deleting the post, but of course, as previously stated, if it’s more important, then we can always edit and repost.

  • What are your turnaround times?

    Please note that all turnaround times are approximate. should anything be delayed due to technical challenges, emergencies, or holiday timeframes, we will update you in advance.

    Creative & Content Requests

    Please note that our creative team is for digital and social media graphics only. We are unable to accommodate print materials.

    Impromptu Social Media Graphic Requests: 1-2 Business Days*

    Short Form Video edits (Reels, Tik Tok, Etc): 3-5 Business Days*

    Other Digital Media Designs (Facebook Cover Photos, Youtube Thumbnails, Digital

    Business Cards, Digital Flyers, etc): 3-4 Business Days


    Light Edits: 2-3 business days
    Heavy Edits: 5- 7 days
    Website builds: varies but approximately 8-12 weeks for a 5-page minimum website


    Event Response Ad: 3-5 Business Days
    Brand Awareness/Engagement Ads: 5-7 Business Days
    Google/Lead Generation Ads - 2-3 weeks
    (Turnaround time allows for research, creativity, and approval)

    Video Edits

    Podcast edits: 3-5 Business Days
    *Short Form Video edits (Reels, Tik Tok, Etc): 2-3 Business Days

    First film shoot video edits: 1-3 weeks (this is dependent on the amount of content we received on the film day and internal aspects of processing the footage. The vertical content is shared it with our creative team within two weeks to start scheduling and posting.

  • Billing/ Contract questions:

    Our team members are not privy to your personal information for security purposes; please email should you need to update your billing details or have questions about your service agreement.

Need further assistance with your services? Please reach out to our Client Services Team at or Fill out this form.

For Additional Management or Billing Support please email

Need further assistance with your services? Please reach out to our Client Services Team at or fill out this form


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