Media Innovator Awards 2022

While there are a few ways that prove a brand’s impact and excellence, a recognition like that of the Media Innovator Awards is one of the rare and noteworthy proofs. This prestigious award focuses on celebrating brands that have demonstrated unparalleled innovation and excellence within the industry.

At FMO Media, we are known for our relentless pursuit of innovation and cutting-edge strategies in the digital marketing industry. Our team of experienced professionals combines expertise with a passion for innovation, consistently pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional results for our clients through our digital marketing services. These feats and more have set us on the radar and qualified us to be a winner of this prestigious Media Innovator Awards 2022.

About Media Innovator Awards

From AI Global Media, a B2B digital publishing group founded in 2010, Corporate Vision magazine is launched with an eye towards bettering business practices across the board. It focuses on spotlighting advances in the HR, marketing, coaching, and recruitment spheres, with the goal to shine a light on the gatekeepers of better business. Through the Media Innovator Awards, Corporate Vision aims to acknowledge those prestigious businesses and individuals who have excelled within the industry.

Awarding Methodology

The Media Innovator Awards 2022 is an initiative aimed at recognizing those who show their hard work by adapting to the rapid changes in the industry and society at large. Unlike other substandard awards, the Media Innovator Awards follows a number of processes that prove its ingenuity and reliability.

About Media Innovator Awards

The awarding process begins with thorough research to identify outstanding individuals, companies, or organizations. Extensive analyses are conducted to ensure that deserving nominees are considered. Nominating parties are invited to present the third-party business that they feel deserves the award or their own organization.

Shortlisting the Nominees

After the initial research phase, a comprehensive shortlisting process takes place. At this stage, the nominees are formally requested to accept their nomination, and given the chance to submit additional material in support of their initial nomination.

Evaluating and Judging

The evaluation and judging phase is a critical component of the awarding process. A panel of experts carefully reviews the nominees’ qualifications based on merits rather than popularity. The shortlisting phase aims to select a group of finalists who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and accomplishments in their respective fields. Some of the factors considered are client dedication, innovation, business growth, longevity, online reputation, customers, feedback, and business performance.

Announcing the Winners

Once the evaluation and judging process is complete, the winners of the award are determined and will be personally notified before making it public. This gives them the time for communication throughout the wider business and to coordinate marketing strategies.

The announcement is formally made through the website, award winners’ magazine, and subscriber newsletter.

Winning the Media Innovator Awards signifies more than just recognition; it represents the culmination of tireless efforts, strategic thinking, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, adopting innovative strategies, and reimagining traditional approaches, at FMO Media, we set new benchmarks for excellence in the digital marketing industry.


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