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Andrew Dort, Mortgage Broker

FMO Media helps business owners truly find their unique target audience. Pride Lending is a loan company created with the vision of creating an environment that proudly celebrates all members of our community. Our vision was to create a brand that had delightful elements, very eye-catching, and playful but also solid.  Even though Pride Lending already had their logo and colors before working with us, FMO Media really helped hone in on finding their target audience and helped figure out what will attract the client to stop and engage.

Branding Fonts:

Social Media Management

Consistentcy Is Key!

After we deep dive into your brand values and examine your brand voice. We will then expand your aesthetics to all Social Media plateforms. We believe that constitency is the best way to build up that brand awareness.  Pride Lending wanted to appeal to his niche of LBBTQ+ clients. Even though this may not be his only client base. Niching down is the best way to then branch out to your other clients.

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Video Productions

Here at FMO we believe that personalized video content is the most important part of your business in order to grow your brand. We know that you are the expert in your field, let us help you showcase that to your audiences. Camera Shy? Don't worry, we have a team of experts that will be there every step of the way. We love to generate new ideas!

PPC Advertising

Exposure . Exposure . Exposure

We used Facebook Ads to promote Pride Lending's brand; created compelling ads that grabbed attention and lead to a website landing page containing the full story of Pride Lending. We developed a series of "compelling" ads that were targeted to bring in leads for processing, who would be interested in our financing solutions. We strive on showing your audience varies of different ads in order to stay new, fresh, while still keeping them engaged. Giving you more exposure!

Website Design + SEO

Essential in today's tech world!

Website presence is extremely important! Having a website attracts customers, without a website it causes potential customers to distrust your product or services. Not having an updated website can also cost you leads and profit.

Did you know?

Setting up a website the correct way, will do most of the marketing for you.

It ONLY takes 0.05 sec. for a user to form an opinion about your website.

88% of users are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience

Other Branding Items

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