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Emails have been around for a long time. This oft-forgotten tool can be powerful if you know how to use it well. Email marketing lets you directly reach your subscribers and inform them about your company, products and values. It helps you build a rapport with them that turns to trust and conversions. Email marketing lets businesses directly engage with their customers.

Many businesses believe that posting a few nice pictures on instagram a couple of times a week is enough but social media management is more than that. it is about having a social media strategy using various channels to achieve various business goals. the key to achieving a successful business media strategy is engaging users of these channels. let fmo media help you build a powerful social media presence.

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How We Can Help You Harness
Email Marketing

Nearly everyone has an email yet many fail to understand how email can be a powerful marketing tool. It is tempting to write off emails but there’s one way it is miles ahead. The black box of algorithms in social media means that your target audience may not even see your message. An email, however, sits in an inbox till it’s read or deleted. The best combination is a mix of both types of marketing where you can link your social media handles to your emails.

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    Newsletters: one of the most common ways of email marketing is to use regular newsletters. newsletters can contain educational content and how-to’s and inform the audience of upcoming events. it’s important to be consistent with newsletters so your subscribers know what to expect.

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    Individualized content: people want to feel unique. the best way to do this is by offering discounts, freebies and special privileges to subscribers on their birthdays. this form of personalization helps improve brand loyalty and leads to increased sales.

Plan Structure

The Gold Package

for Small or Individual Businesses Only

The Platinum Package

for Small - Medium Businesses with less than 50 people

The Emerald Package

for Medium Sized Businesses with up to 3 locations

The Diamond Package

for Large or Multiple Business Locations

The Founders Package

for National Campaigns

Content Makes Your Brand Be
Seen And Heard

Email marketing is simple enough but we make sure your strategy is based on these:

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    Let your audience opt in: ensure that your potential customers are not receiving unsolicited emails because they’ll immediately hit unsubscribe. instead, make sure they know what their email is being used for when they provide it.

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    Don’t oversell: the last thing that your audience wants to get is an email about your new product every single day. apart from the occasional promotional content, add value to their lives by sharing your expertise.

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    Email regularly: daily, weekly and monthly newsletters that arrive on the same day of the week can let your email list know what to expect.

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    Optimize for mobile: if your email can’t be read properly on a subscriber’s mobile, they aren’t going to open it on a laptop and read it! we ensure that you’re using the right tools for a mobile interface.

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