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In this digital age, the majority of internet users start by opening their browsers to look for something. We instinctively rely on the web to get the information we need, be it to locate a nearby cafe, buy the perfect dress, find the closest clinic or settle a bet about a celebrity. According to Google, there are almost 4 billion searches performed on their site every single day, and they handle trillions of queries annually. Due to this, nearly 60% of companies now devote funds to professional search engine optimization (SEO) services.

If you’ve been considering SEO services for your business but don’t know where to start, we’ll answer some essential questions here to help get you started. Find out what SEO is exactly, why it’s important for businesses, what businesses need it most, the different types of SEO services, and how to choose the right one. Read our comprehensive SEO guide to learn everything you need to know!

Case Studies

Unisafe Inc.

Medical grade glove sales

SEO content creation

Swirl Freeze

Industrial ice cream machine sales

SEO-focused website development

Greiner Maltz

Commercial real estate

SEO focused web development

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of making changes to your website to improve its prominence on the search results page when users look for goods or services associated with your company on search engines like Google and Bing. Instead of relying on paid traffic, SEO focuses on increasing unpaid, “organic” (natural) search traffic from things like questions, image searches, and news searches, among others.


Through a range of optimization techniques designed to improve your website traffic, SEO increases your brand exposure and helps potential customers engage with your organization online. The more visible and higher up your webpages are in results pages, the more potential there is to get noticed and draw both new and returning clients to your company.

Plan structure

The gold package

for Small or Individual Businesses Only

The platinum package

for Small - Medium Businesses with less than 50 people

The emerald package

for Medium Sized Businesses with up to 3 locations

The diamond package

for Large or Multiple Business Locations

The founders package

for National Campaigns

Types of SEO services

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    On-site & off-site seo services: on-site seo concentrates on improvements to your webpage itself. it enhances the visible page components that influence your ranking, such as having a proper page title and meta description, h1 tags, subheadings, and valuable content. off-site seo concentrates on improvements unrelated to your webpage. it deals with elements of your digital presence such as your social media and link building to your webpage.

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    Local seo services: local seo services concentrate on location-specific improvements that make it easier for area residents to discover your company when searching for products/services in the vicinity. it focuses on boosting localized rankings and getting featured in the portion of google results displaying a map with three nearby businesses listed.

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    Technical seo services: technical seo concentrates on improving the technical elements of your website affecting its rankings. it deals with elements of your website's infrastructure such as page loading speeds, mobile responsiveness, coding effectiveness, sitemaps, and others.

Who needs search engine optimization
services the most?

SEO for startups

SEO is paramount for entrepreneurs to establish a thriving startup, as seo tactics will collect essential user behavior information to better inform major business decisions in the initial stages. it’s a highly cost-effective way to build a solid customer base and boost consumer trust in a startup’s early days.for Small or Individual Businesses Only

SEO for small businesses

An easy way for any small-to-medium enterprise to start ranking better and generating more prospects, without breaking the bank, is to use seo services as they are highly cost-effective. they help to expand your small business by bringing in new clients and elevating it to the next level.

SEO for restaurants

Optimizing and increasing its online presence is essential to any restaurant's long-term survival. all restaurants require a consistent flow of new patrons coming in the door after customers conduct an online search and find their brand. this also translates to more online reservations and orders. because of these, seo must be an integral part of any restaurant’s marketing strategy.

How to choose the right search
engine optimization services

Now that you’re familiar with SEO services, it’s important to learn how to properly evaluate a potential SEO agency so you can begin your journey to the top of the results pages! Before you hire any SEO service provider, do some research to learn what makes them stand out from the others and if they have experience in your industry. Ask for an overview of their SEO techniques and process. Request some past case studies and client testimonials as references. Find out how performance is measured, how soon you would notice results, and how often you would receive reports. Verify if they would notify you in advance of any technical site modifications. Acquaint yourself with their SEO package plans and pricing models.


Before you commit to anything, make sure that you fully understand the provisions in your contract. Check for any hidden fees and carefully review all the T&Cs. Most importantly, it's essential to ensure that your website's design and content remain as is in the event that you have to cancel your contract earlier than intended due to budget constraints or other issues.


If SEO services still feel overwhelming or if you're not quite sure where to begin, our team at FMO Media can help. We’ve helped hundreds of people and corporations with their website design and SEO, branding strategies, content marketing, paid advertising, and also offer consultations. By choosing FMO Media as your full-spectrum digital agency, you can work less and make more. Feel free to contact us today to maximize your SEO efforts!

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