" Increase your conversions by adding SMS marketing to your
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How SMS Marketing Can
Benefit You

Billions of text messages are sent and received all over the world every day. As a business owner, you can capitalize on SMS to reach your target audience and help grow your brand. This is an effective and proven marketing strategy that many businesses are using today.


While SMS is not as visually stimulating as a video, the major advantage of this form of marketing is that it’s fast. You don’t need to design images or write up long paragraphs of content. They are easier to create and just as quick to receive. Experts believe that text messages have a 98% open rate. This means that your audience is engaging with your text messages more than any other form of marketing. Response rates of SMS marketing are also six times higher than email.


Case Studies

Stonegate Realty

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Paid media conversion strategy

Darrin Cooke

Mortgage Broker

MMS marketing strategy

Guac Shop Franchise

Fast-Casual Restaurant Franchise

SMS & Email integration for customer acquisition

Bring Your SMS Marketing To The
Next Level

SMS marketing is perhaps the least complicated and time-intensive of all marketing types. Trust FMO media to help you get a head start to bring your SMS marketing game to the next level. In countries like the us, it is illegal to text someone whose permission you’ve not sought. We apply software to help keep you up to date on customer information. It’s important to utilize software programs that can automate sending text messages.


These software programs also help you track data like click-through rates and the number of sales generated. FMO media knows how to capitalize on succinct text messages, packing the most pertinent information into 3 to 5 sentences including a call-to-action.


Tailoring SMS Marketing To
Your Advantage

Now that we have introduced to you the basics of SMS marketing, here are some common message types we send to garner you results.

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    Welcome Messages: Remember that sms marketing is all about creating a dialogue with the customer and this always begins with a hello. so, whenever a new customer signs up to your sms list, introduce yourself and offer welcome discounts.

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    Conversion:Use sms marketing to convert contacts to clients by engaging in direct conversations.

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    Recruitment:Create an omnichannel campaign for your recruitment efforts with sms marketing to build better relationships with your leads

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    Product Launches: Ensure that your messages are specific and direct. whenever you post new products or services on your website, do let your customers know. this helps create buzz.

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    Flash Sales: These messages are intended to let your customers know that there’s an item on sale for a limited time. making the sale exclusive to those who have signed up for your loyalty program is a great way of rewarding them.

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    Surveys: Remember that sms marketing is a wonderful way to learn more about your customers. sending a survey link can yield a high response rate.


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