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Helping Businesses Through Their Online Presence


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Building . Growing . Scaling

Helping Businesses Through Their Online Presence

Building A Powerful Social Presence

Social media has become ubiquitous in today’s age and that’s exactly why it’s important to leverage this tool for your business.

Many businesses believe that posting a few nice pictures on Instagram a couple of times a week is enough but social media management is more than that. It is about having a social media strategy using various channels to achieve various business goals. The key to achieving a successful business media strategy is engaging users of these channels. Let FMO Media help you build a powerful social media presence.

Case Studies


Real Estate Brokerage in Iowa

Content creation for 1,000+ agents


Medical House Calls in NYC

Content creation - Instagram & tiktok

RCG Mortgage

Mortgage Broker Loan Originator on Long Island

Content creation including viral TikTok content

We Create Social Media Campaigns That Bring Results.

There are many social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and more. Having 2 billion users daily, Facebook targets demographics including both seniors and youth, but the biggest perk is its wide variety of ad formats. For more than 40% of B2B marketers, this platform has led to new clients. There are about 3 billion Tik Tok users. It is an excellent platform for reaching not just younger audiences but also those in their 40s and beyond. Its video format is appealing and a poll has revealed that 65% of users enjoy seeing creators post about their products and services.

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    Identifying target audience: knowing the audience helps us know which platforms to target and what kind of content works so you can get the best roi.

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    Designing profiles: things like headers and profile pictures need to be relevant and memorable to your brand

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    Creating content calendars: most social media management services need to be able to schedule posts and content ahead of time so that the content is published consistently.

Plan Structure

The Gold Package

for Small or Individual Businesses Only

The Platinum Package

for Small - Medium Businesses with less than 50 people

The Emerald Package

for Medium Sized Businesses with up to 3 locations

The Diamond Package

for Large or Multiple Business Locations

The Founders Package

for National Campaigns

Generate Traffic, Gather Sales Leads, And Create Brand Awareness.

After you’ve chosen the platform, identified your target audience, created your profile and started posting, you’re not done. in fact, you’re just getting started because to generate traffic, consistency is key. to really grow your social reach, influencers and trusted authorities are useful. these can connect you with their audiences.


Monitoring your social media performance helps you track your goals. a good social media management service like fmo media helps track things like your followers, engagement and the click-through rate of your ads. critically, when the performance drops, it’s important to have a plan in place.


With FMO media, you can be sure that we’ll build a relationship between your company and your clients through an effective and targeted social media strategy. contact us if you’d like help with social media management.

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