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With over a billion live websites today, web design has come a long way since the first website was created in 1991. Web design refers to arranging content (images, videos and words) on a website so it can easily be read.

It focuses on aesthetic and functional elements as well. Having a business today means having an online presence and the key to a good online presence starts with creating a user-friendly website.

Case Studies

Cornerstone Capital

Cornerstone Capital of NY

Commercial mortgage advisory firm new website
design & lead capture

Ergo Realty

Real Estate Company

New website design & CRM integration

Swirl Freeze

Industrial Ice cream Machine Sales

Full website design & lead capture

We Create Websites That Bring Results

FMO Media helps you create a web design that achieves a good balance of the different elements in a website:

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    Visual impact: in modern web design, asymmetry is more common wherein visual weight on both halves of the page is not equal. readers scan websites in an ‘f’ shape manner so more important elements could be on the top and left of the page.

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    Emphasis: not all elements of a page are created equal and the right mix of fonts, colors and sizes will help highlight salient content.

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    Movement: websites should have dynamic elements (e.g., pop-ups) to create interest but too much of it can be distracting and take away from the overall experience.

We help you retain your target audience by ensuring good navigation in the form of a header list, dropdown menu or sidebar menu, which are important for users to quickly navigate from one section to another. while speed could depend on the user’s own internet connection, auditing your site’s performance and improving the loading speed is part of our toolkit.


We also apply search engine optimization to ensure your website ranks well on search engines. headings in your content, alt text in images and a meta description ensures that you are found by your target audience. finally, your website will seamlessly transition between laptop and mobile screens as the latter accounts for over half of online traffic.

Plan Structure

The Gold Package

for Small or Individual Businesses Only

The Platinum Package

for Small - Medium Businesses with less than 50 people

The Emerald Package

for Medium Sized Businesses with up to 3 locations

The Diamond Package

for Large or Multiple Business Locations

The Founders Package

for National Campaigns

We Make Web Design Easy And

FMO Media makes web design easy by employing the principles of design with user-friendly elements. This helps make your website stand out and ensures that your clients spend the maximum time browsing your site. From color schemes to typography, from images to themes, they tell a story of what your brand is all about.

Contact us if you’d like to tell a story about your brand through visually appealing and functionally satisfying web design.

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