Seven Types Of Social Media Videos To Grow Your Brand

A compelling multimedia experience is one of the most effective ways to engage social media users. Videos offer limitless potential in this regard, going beyond the reach of static images to stimulate the senses and make a memorable impact. Unlike mere text and images, videos allow for quick and easy consumption. By effectively blending visual and auditory stimuli, they strike a mental chord with greater ease than most other forms of content. With this in mind, the effective use of social media videos can greatly enhance brand visibility and drive user engagement. Consider seven types of videos for social media marketing that will help you make the most of this opportunity.


Granting your audience a peek behind the scenes is a time-tested way to make your brand personable. It gives them an unfiltered version of the personalities behind the brand and thus builds trust. Moreover, it showcases the inspiration behind your products and makes consumers feel as though they are a part of the process. In order to effectively use this tool to humanize your brand, get a seasoned video production team to showcase how you make products. It could also be something as simple and straightforward as a backstage tour during an event or an office tour. Another effective way to build a connection is to introduce the team to your customers. It puts a face on the people behind your brand and makes them seem friendly and approachable. No matter the approach you take, tell a compelling story. Humans are hardwired to respond to stories, however simple. A story ties everything together and helps you make that connection.

User-Generated Content

In essence, this type of content showcases customers interacting with your product. It is a highly valuable resource because of its candor and authenticity. Unlike the typical digital marketing video, this type of content does not follow a script. Rather, it features real, honest feedback from unbiased consumers. Notably, users tend to trust the reviews of other users more than they do ads. To gather this type of content, hold a contest where users submit short videos in exchange for an opportunity to win a prize. You could also search for organically posted content online or create a challenge where users show off your products. Another great strategy is to get influencers on board so as to maximize their reach. Regardless of your approach, use a distinctive call-to-action to ensure that users stick to the desired theme.

How-to Videos or Tutorials

One of the best ways to grow your brand is by providing value to customers and tutorials are the ultimate resource in this regard. A how-to or tutorial video informs your audience while also entertaining them. It is much easier to follow than a text-based guide and it convinces the user that your product actually works. The first rule of thumb is to keep it short and concise to avoid losing the attention of your audience. Strive for clarity to make your content easy to consume. To ensure that the material is clear, consider including in-video text to break down processes or list ingredients. Do not skip any step, however minor, and make each and every step visual. Each section should flow naturally to the next one. Make an effort to be relatable as well as entertaining by having some fun in the process. That will make your content not only enlightening but also memorable.

Promos, Contests, and Giveaways

Everyone loves good deals and opportunities to get free stuff or to win. A well-executed promo or giveaway video seeks to make your customer feel special by introducing an element of exclusivity. It is also an effective way to generate excitement around a specific product and to drive interest from new customers. Use vibrant, eye-catching visuals and upbeat audio for this type of video. Outline clear rules for participation in the contest or promo so that there is no room for unnecessary confusion. Consider giving optional bonus entries for referring friends and tagging them in the comment section of your social media page. Doing so will help you use the opportunity to enhance engagement or increase subscribers. Keep in mind that this kind of video does not take a deep dive into any product or service. Rather, it should be a fast-paced trailer or teaser with highlights of the event. You could also try to get multiple versions or edits so that it does not become repetitive.

Event Videos

With this type of video marketing for social media, you can achieve two major objectives. First, an event video can be promotional, building hype for an upcoming event. Second, it could offer live coverage of an event so as to evoke fear of missing out. Regardless of the intended objective, the idea is to showcase the energy and excitement surrounding the event. While a live event video can capture the entire event, social media users rarely consume lengthy videos. Therefore, it is best to offer it in bite-sized portions that capture various highlights. To ensure that no crucial moment slips by, make a list of all key shots beforehand. Assign different people to cover major moments and specific elements on your storyboard. Do not forget to capture extra footage beyond these key moments. These could be interesting audience shots, activities, or sessions that a video editor could later use to create highlight reels.

Product Demos or Feature Videos

The main aim of a product demo video is to subtly convince potential buyers to make a purchase. In order to use this tool effectively, steer clear of promotional language that would make it sound like an ad. In a creative and engaging way, seek to outline the practical value that a user can derive from the item. The key is to highlight appealing features of the product that would make it an ideal solution for specific challenges. An effectively executed video in this category would also make it seem outstanding compared to rival products. While you can provide an overview of the main features of the product, another great approach is to create short videos, each highlighting a particular feature. A demo can also introduce a new product and provide a step-by-step guide on how to use it. When viewers see it in action, they will be more likely to trust your product. Try as much as possible to let the product do the talking – using its functionality to show off the features. Use subtle music to infuse emotion into the demo so as to establish a meaningful connection with the audience.

Q&A or Interview Videos

A time-tested strategy for video social media marketing is posting a video featuring an industry leader, a celebrity, or a company executive. The main benefit of this strategy is that it establishes your brand as an authority in the space, the go-to brand for your target audience. An effective approach to this is to include your audience by requesting them to submit questions in advance. Remember to specify the theme of your conversation so as to keep the questions relevant. Alternatively, you could pick out questions from customer comments. Consider the possibility of holding a live interview as this holds greater appeal than a pre-recorded session. Take the engagement a notch higher by posting a live stream where users can comment and share the post. Note that you do not have to feature a famous personality. It could be a solo session where you answer audience questions, or it may even feature your customers or team members.

Implement an Effective Video Strategy for Social Media

As you may have realized by this point, using videos effectively to grow your brand on social media requires a significant amount of work. Every step of the process, from gathering the content to telling a compelling story and achieving your objective requires considerable forethought and planning. Rather than attempt to do it all yourself, enlist the services of video production and digital marketing professionals to eliminate the guesswork.


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