The Secrets To Getting More Views On YouTube

After weeks of hard work, you’re finally ready to upload that video you’ve created onto your YouTube channel. Whether you’re a new vlogger or an experienced YouTuber, you most likely have one thing in mind: viewership. You hope to attract the right audience who will follow and support your content and keep returning for more. If the view count, likes, and shares for your content don’t seem to be increasing, perhaps it’s time to re-look at your strategy. We will share with you some of the best tips and tricks to get more views on YouTube. Keep reading to learn more!

High Quality Content

Do you want to spend your time watching a pixelated video or something that’s of a lower resolution? Chances are you won’t want to waste your time on it.

High quality videos that capture people’s attention will naturally get more views than dull and lackluster content, giving you a better chance of reaching a wider audience. This means paying close attention to lighting, sound, editing and other video aspects that can help make your content stand out from the crowd and keep viewers interested. Additionally, it’s also important to engage your viewers by including interactive elements and asking questions or encouraging comments in your videos.

Increasing the Duration of Your Video

When it comes to creating a successful YouTube video, there are many different factors that influence whether or not your content will be viewed by a large number of people. One key factor is the length of your video. Studies have shown that longer videos tend to get more views on YouTube than shorter ones. This is likely because viewers find longer videos to be more engaging, allowing them to stay on the platform for longer periods of time. Additionally, some viewers may also prefer to consume larger quantities of content in one sitting, making longer videos an ideal choice for them.

However, we’re not suggesting that you upload videos that are an hour long. What it does mean is that you can increase the duration of the video in a way that works for you. If you’re uploading five-minute videos, try increasing it to 10+ minutes. But bear in mind that quality content is still important no matter the length of your video!

Use Attractive Thumbnails

You’ve heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” but that’s not necessarily the case for YouTube videos. Aside from engaging, high-quality content, you’ll also need an attractive “cover” to push it further. A unique, compelling thumbnail can help your content stand out from the sea of content and pull in the right audience.

Thumbnail images have the power to draw viewers into your videos, so it’s important to choose photos that are not only clear and interesting but also well-suited to your target audience. For instance, if you’re trying to reach younger viewers, you might want to include bright colors or eye-catching graphics in your thumbnail images. Likewise, if your videos focus on fairly serious topics like politics or health and fitness, it may be better to go with more neutral photos or simple illustrations. Alternatively, you can use tools like Canva to create your own customized thumbnail that will entice viewers to click in. Taking the time to create attractive thumbnails for your YouTube videos is sure to pay off in terms of more engagement and higher view counts!

Tell a Great Story

Getting more views takes more than just putting together a great video. In order to successfully attract and engage viewers on YouTube, you need to tell an engaging story that really captures people’s attention.

There are a few key elements that you need to keep in mind when structuring your video to tell a good story on YouTube. First and foremost, it is important to start with a clear, engaging hook that captivates the viewer’s attention right away. This may be accomplished through imagery, dialogue, or music, depending on what type of video you are making. Additionally, you should try to develop your video in a way that showcases your subject matter and keeps the viewer engaged throughout the entire video. Finally, it is important to remember the importance of pacing and transitions–these elements can make or break your video by helping draw the viewer in or causing them to lose interest.

By taking the time to focus on storytelling techniques, you can not only get more views but also expand your reach and build a meaningful community around your channel.

Improve Your Video Descriptions

The text that appears in the description box matters. This is because the description gives them a sense of what they can expect from the video. For example, if you include some keywords or phrases that grab their attention, or if you share a bit of your personal story, they are much more likely to connect with it. Additionally, a well-crafted description helps to draw in search engines, which can drive even more traffic to your videos. To get you started, these are some of the basics:

  • Using the right keywords
  • Including timestamps (or longer videos)
  • Add hashtags
  • Including a subscription link

So if you really want to get noticed on YouTube, don’t neglect those descriptions – write them carefully and thoughtfully to get the most mileage out of every post!

Respond to Comments

Many bloggers and YouTubers know just how important it is to respond to the comments on their videos. Not only does directly engaging with your audience help foster a sense of community, but it can also increase the visibility and popularity of your content. When viewers see that you are actively engaging with other users, they will feel more inclined to check out your video to see what all the fuss is about. Set aside some time each day or every week to go through the comments. You might be surprised to see what others think about your content. You may not be able to reply to everyone but as long as you respond thoughtfully and respectfully, you will likely encourage even more views and likes. This simple action can make a world of difference in getting your videos seen by more people.

Take Advantage of the YouTube Community Feature

One feature that many content creators don’t take advantage of is the community feature on YouTube. By interacting with other users and engaging with your audience through comments and voting on videos, you not only build your reputation within the platform but also gain more exposure for your own content. With regular engagement on the YouTube community feed, you build momentum and pick up new views that can translate into more subscribers and higher view counts for your own videos. So if you want to be successful on this video-sharing powerhouse, start engaging today!

Increase Your YouTube Views and Subscribers

When it comes to enhancing your presence on YouTube, there’s no shortage of ways to increase your views and start gaining traction. It can be hard to stay up to date with the latest changes and features that are being rolled out on YouTube. At FMO Media, we’ll help you stay at the top of your game when it comes to getting more views and subscribers.

We offer a range of customized digital marketing services for various platforms, including YouTube. Whether you need help with SEO keywords or engagement strategies, we have the experience and expertise to boost your success online. We’ll help you get the visibility you need to reach new audiences and achieve your goals.


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