Silvercreek Realty Group

How Idaho's #1 Real Estate Brokerage saved $300,000 in their first year and grew thier brokerage with FMO Media

The Solution

Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing in Meridian, Idaho

Nestled in the bustling city of Meridian, Idaho, Silvercreek Realty Group found themselves at a crossroads. With ambitions to accelerate their recruitment and retain top-tier agents, their existing marketing framework was strained. With a dedicated but over-extended single graphic designer, their dynamic marketing needs were outstripping their capabilities. They required a robust strategy that would not only streamline their recruitment but also provide continual support for their burgeoning agent network.

The FMO Media Strategy

FMO Media's approach was multifaceted, designed to inject vitality, innovation, and scalability into Silvercreek's marketing endeavors:

  1. Instant Social & Comprehensive Social Media Management: FMO Media initiated a brand refresh across all of Silvercreek's social platforms, introducing a cohesive, modern aesthetic that resonated with both agents and clients. The Instant Social Platform became a cornerstone of this strategy, furnishing thousands of real estate agents with a repository of social media content ideas, customizable graphics, video editing resources, and an interactive content calendar. This tool was pivotal in empowering agents to maintain a consistent and professional online presence.
  2. Creative Content Overhaul: Our team crafted a suite of visually stunning and brand-aligned marketing materials. From the sleek, redesigned property listings to the impactful visual narratives for print materials, we ensured every piece of content echoed the quality and prestige of the Silvercreek brand.

  3. Targeted Paid Media Campaigns: We executed a sophisticated paid media campaign across LinkedIn, Meta, and Google. Our data-driven approach maximized ROI, significantly boosting lead generation and brand engagement.

Enhanced Results and Added Value

The strategic collaboration with FMO Media catalyzed impressive results:

  1. LinkedIn: Achieved a 29% rise in followers, with a corresponding increase in engagement and impressions.
  2. Instagram: Garnered a 27.6% boost in followers, thanks to compelling content and strategic posting schedules.
  3. Facebook: Experienced a 22.6% growth in followers, with engagement and impressions far outpacing previous performance metrics.
The impact extended beyond mere numbers. The Instant Social Platform was a game-changer for agent support, delivering an easily navigable path to a wealth of social media resources. This bolstered marketing support system was pivotal in attracting a new preferred lender partner, who, recognizing the enhanced value, agreed to a reduced commission split. This renegotiation culminated in a staggering $300,000 for Silvercreek Realty in just the first year of their partnership with FMO Media.

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